Water Aerobics Exercises for Body Sculpting

Water aerobics exercises are excellent for getting your body sculpted. This does not mean that you need to be a master swimmer; you need to know swimming enough to help balance yourself in water while doing these water exercises and not drown!

How to do Water Aerobics Exercises?

The daily procedure for “pool workouts”, “water workout”, “water exercises”, or “water therapy” (call it whatever you want) is easy:

  • before getting in the pool, do stretching exercises by the poolside as warm up. This is very important
  • wet yourself fully
  • get down in the pool
  • with the swimming “style” you generally practice, take about 10 laps (from one side of the pool to the other and back would be taken as 1 lap)
  • now, move to the shallow side where your upper body is quite above the water, do the exercises, 90 second each—to know the time, you can track the clock hung by the poolside or your wristwatch
  • once you finish the exercises, float for a minute or two just to take a breather
  • start with your laps again and take as many as you can—your time management should be perfect because you are given 30 to 45 minutes to swim
  • when the time is up, get out and take a proper bath.

Within each 90 second that you would give to each exercise, try to take as many reps as you can. You will do #1 through #8 one after the other.

water aerobics exercises freestyle swimming

Water Aerobics Exercises #1: Jogging in Place 

When you are doing this, make sure to lift your knees as high as possible. With low knees, there will be no effect of this exercise. Each leg to count 1. Repeat this again after #3.

Water Aerobics Exercises #2: Alternate Twisting Knees 

In this exercise, you will try to touch left elbow to right knee and right elbow to left knee, with a twist. Make sure to twist to get the desired effect. Each twist to count 1.

Water Aerobics Exercises #3: Peddling (or, cycling)

For this exercise, stand with your back against the side of the pool, stretch your arms on the edges of the pool, and pedal (cycle) your legs (as you would do while cycling). Each pedal to count 1.

Water Aerobics Exercises #4: Jogging in Place

Do this exercise again. Lift your knees as high as you can. Each leg to count 1.

Water Aerobics Exercises #5: Squat Jump

Here, extend your arms on the sides, squat down, and bringing your arms overhead, explosively jump up, cutting through the water, as high as you can. Try to attempt at least 15 reps.

Water Aerobics Exercises #6: Both Knee In-Out

With your back against the pool wall, and hands stretched on both sides against the pool edges, extend your legs in front (feet together) and try pulling your knees to your chest. Try to attempt at least 12 to 15 knee in-out.

Water Aerobics Exercises #7: Side Leg Raise

Similar to what you would otherwise do in a gym or at home, same technique applies here. To balance yourself, you can take the help of pool edges. Holding the edge of the pool with right hand, raise your left leg out and down, and vice versa. Try to attempt 20 to 25 reps each side.

Water Aerobics Exercises #8: Flutter

As you would do flutter kicks in abs workout in a gym or at home, similar is the technique in the water. Lean against the side of the pool, lift both your legs (you can see the toes slightly above water) and flutter. Each leg to count 1.

Conclude the exercises by floating for a minute or two to relax yourself before you start with your laps again.


I agree that water aerobics exercises, though it sound easier than actually done, are quite tough for beginners. Why “tough”? It is because these exercises need excellent body balance. You can feel that you may go under water or the water is too heavy. Try doing the exercises and after a week, you will be able to do all without any hitch. What you need is the confidence to “begin”.


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