Top 3 Weight Loss Strategies

What are the top 3 weight loss strategies? Well, to be frank, there are many other weight loss strategies but I would say these 3 weight loss strategies are most award winning.

Weight Loss Strategies

  • Top Weight Loss Strategy #1: Do not tend to overeat in social gatherings

Most of the people generally overeat whenever there is a social gathering—at home, or in a restaurant, or in a hotel. One cannot really keep a check on the portions when you are talking to people and eating at the same time. When you overeat, there may not be any immediate result. But over time, you will find the weighing scale going on the higher side.

I am not suggesting that you do not eat anything; well, the best will be to eat healthy food at home and when you go to a gathering, just divert your attention from food and keep talking to family, friends and acquaintances. If someone asks, be polite and say you will have food later.

Vice versa, if you plan to eat food at the gathering because you don’t want to cook at home, make sure to choose the best healthy foods option(s) available there but again, do not overeat, especially the desserts. For example, if there are 8 dishes on the menu and you decide to eat only 2 because you feel they would not add on much to the calories, this does not mean that while having those 2 dishes, you are going to stuff yourself badly as if you have had all the 8 dishes. Overeating never results in effective weight loss—you will end up gaining lots of weight over time—there will be no weight loss at all.

  • Top Weight Loss Strategy #2: Drink water—min. 8 glasses per day; max. as per your bodyweight

The more water you drink, the more it is going to act as detoxifier in your body and aid in weight loss. A minimum of 8 glasses—250 ml each glass—of water per day should be consumed, if you don’t want to have what is actually needed by your body.

Not only helping with effective weight loss, water also helps with dehydration. How?

As you know, our body constitutes of 60 per cent water. If you do not drink the recommended measure, you will end up with dehydration that would further lead to headaches, fatigue, slower metabolism, etc.

On the other hand, if you think you are going to drink more and more water and eat less and less food, then also the situation is fatal—too much water would wash out (with urine) potassium and sodium from your body that would directly affect your brain.

Know that for every 44 pound/20 kg of bodyweight, you need to drink 1 lit of water. Accordingly, if you weigh, say, 220 pounds, you need to drink 5 lit of water on daily basis. As your bodyweight lowers, reduce your water intake, meaning, when you weigh 176 pounds, drink 4 lit of water, and so on.

May people complain, “If I drink much water, I get frequent urination.” Urination is good but frequent means you are “dehydrated chronically”. In this case, you need to drink the required amount of water daily to overcome dehydration. AND… stop complaining! If you seriously want effective weight loss, hit water.

  • Top Weight Loss Strategy #3: Eating in moderation; exercising in moderation

Yes, you have read it correct. Overeating or little-eating and over-exercising or little-exercising will NEVER help you achieve your weight loss target. Take it from me. Both eating and exercising should be done in moderation. In other words, you need to strike a great balance between your eating and exercising regime.

For healthy lifestyle as well as healthy and effective weight loss, three factors are most important—(i) proper recovery time; (ii) proper resting time and (iii) proper nutrition. Imbalance between these three factors and you will end up with tremendous weight gain after a period of time.

Where exercising is concerned, do not just plan it; execute the plan on a daily basis. But again, if you think over-exercising would help, you need to think again! Over-exercising will tire your body unnecessarily and block any weight loss that could have occurred if you would have exercised moderately.

There is yet another option: if you do not want to workout in a gym (for reasons best known to you), no problem; there is nothing to worry. Stick to cardio—running, jumping rope, walking, swimming, biking—an hour each Monday through Friday… morning or evening. It will tremendously help in effective weight loss.


To start with, try out these top 3 weight loss strategies. If you stick to these strategies for minimum 90 days, you will surely get positive results. You can jot down the weight loss strategies on a piece of paper and stick it on your refrigerator door—it will be your constant reminder.

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