5 Reasons Why there is no Weight Loss


The 5 reasons why there is no weight loss are worth knowing as many people complain of their weight loss regime failing miserably. More or less everyone, ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs, tend to lose sleep over losing weight. It is indeed depressing, especially for endomorphs and mesomorphs, when you spend hours exercising, eating the nutritious food, keeping check on calories—accordingly to you, you adopt every possible means and ways for weight loss—and you find your weighing scale betraying you every time! Even if there is little weight loss, it either gets stuck or you gain back the lost weight. Even ectomorphs, who are naturally slim, worry about losing weight if by chance they put on a few pounds here or there.

Why is it so?

What are the 5 Reasons why there is no Weight Loss?

Let us study each reason, in brief, to get some idea why you are not losing weight:

Reason #1: You are eating too little than what your body actually requires

Whatever you may hear or believe, you must know that if you eat too little than what you actually need to eat, there will never be any weight loss. Eating too little means you are literally on starvation and minus the valuable vitamins and nutrients. This will lower your energy levels and slow down your body metabolism to extremity. As a result, in no time, you will fall sick. Therefore, your daily food intake should be what your body actually requires.

Reason #2: You are eating too much than what your body requires

There are two types of eating: (i) SEE & EAT—when you are not hungry or full but when you look at a food and your mouth waters, you take a bite or two fully knowing that only half an hour back, you have had your meal and that if you eat this, it will only add to your weight; (ii) HUNGRY & EAT—when you are really hungry and your body wants food, in this case, you seem to take matters a little further—you tend to overeat. You need to balance (i) and (ii)  and not give in to your unnecessary food cravings. Eating more than required, be it nutritious food, would result in heavy weight gain.

Reason #3: You do weight training only; no cardio

If weight loss is your motto, then remember only weight lifting would not help you achieve your goal. You need to do cardio along with weight training because cardio forces every part in your body to work much faster; as a result, you will burn more calories and this would help you to lose weight. Best for you would be to combine cardio and weight training; tell your gym trainer that you want weight loss and accordingly, take a schedule. Thereafter, follow it and no laziness!

Reason #4: Too much sodium

The Americans and Indians consume more than 3,000 mg of sodium on a daily basis; whereas, the daily requirement should be about 2,400 mg. Sodium not only help retain water in the body, it also help raise blood pressure. The retained water builds up over time even though you are on nutritious diet and one fine day you realize that your weight has shot up. Avoid eating sodium-loaded processed foods like potato chips, boxed snacks and stick to fresh fruits and vegetables that would help in weight loss.

Reason #5: Slow and sluggish digestive system

If your digestive system is slow and sluggish, it will obviously be difficult to lose weight. How will you know if your digesting functions are poor?—heartburns, bloating and acid reflux happens every time you eat something, you will know. There are certain foods you need to eat—walnuts, avocados, peanuts, almonds, lentils, artichokes, strawberries, flaxseed, bananas, raspberries—that would help in getting a healthy digestive system.


Over and above the 5 reasons why there is no weight loss, there are other secondary reasons that block weight loss. All I would say is keep a qualitative and quantitative check on the foods you eat; equally important is to keep a qualitative and quantitative check on the exercises that you do. Once you put these in the right track, weight loss would happen easily.

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