What Are Squats Good For: Develop Full Body Strength

What are squats good for is a very common question asked by many, especially those who are not aware of the benefits of doing squats; or fear doing squats thinking they would end up with ‘thunder thighs’!

Nothing like that, believe me. Our legs bear the weight of our upper body; would you like your leg muscles to be weak? Would you like wobbly walking?

Squats help in building excellent shapely quads, hams and calves (the leg muscles). And do not worry; building leg muscles will not give you a shorter appearance or will not reduce your height. Not only building leg muscles, importance of squats are that both your lower and upper body strength improves greatly—back, chest and arms get a fine toning.

When you do full/deep squat, it will make you more powerful and explosive—you will gain a lot in terms of leg muscles. (here, ‘gain’ does not mean gaining bodyweight)


Squats are good for everyone, but especially for bodybuilding, powerlifters, strength/weight trainers and endurance athletes.

If you have knee problems, such as osteoporosis, ‘free squats’ could save you.

REMEMBER, it is THE SQUATS (and no other workout) that work all major muscles group at a time.

What are Squats Benefits?

The benefits of squats are many out of which the following are the major ones:

what are squats good for perfect squat

  • What are Squats Good for #1: Builds Muscle

Your entire body muscles get worked when you squat as it creates anabolic environment. So, what happens when you squat… in proper form? It triggers release of testosterone and other growth hormone in the body. And as you know, this ‘hormone release’ helps in muscle growth and improves your muscle mass.

  • What are Squats Good for #2: Burning More Fat, Gaining More Muscle

Squat is a very time efficient exercise for burning more fat and gaining more muscle. Therefore, the need to squat (in different forms) at least 4 times a week.

  • What are Squats Good for #3: Injuries Prevention

Squats help in strengthening ligaments, connective tissues and stabilizer muscles, thereby preventing injuries as much as possible.

  • What are Squats Good for #4: Maintains Balance and Mobility

As you age, you would not obviously want wobbly legs that will make your mobility difficult and you will be always fearful you may fall down any time and break your bones. Stronger your legs, easier will be your balance and mobility.

  • What are Squats Good for #5: Boosts Sports Performance

Regular squats boost sports performance, especially for athletes, who need to jump and run a lot in their training programs. Even for regular gym goers, squat should hold high place in their schedules.

  • What are Squats Good for #6: Removes Toxins/Wastes

Squats help pump fluids in the body, thereby removing toxins/wastes and delivering nutrition the body requires. Squats also regulate your irregular bowel movements.

  • What are Squats Good for #7: Tones and Tightens

Squats tone and tighten your entire body in an efficient manner. What more do you want! But of course, this toning will not happen overnight.

Wrap Up

Now you know what are squats good for. As your muscles get strong with squats, they help in regulating insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism and glucose. Hence, squats help in protecting against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

The next time you say NO to squats, think twice.


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