What is Callisthenics: Good Gym Alternative

What is callisthenics being a question that I have been asked by gymmers training under me, in brief, it is all about exercising in “rhythmic” fashion (like gymnasts) using your bodyweight. It is also known as ‘gymnastic exercises’ and ‘stretching exercises’. Of course, one of its main goals is more or less same—developing your strength, fitness, flexibility, conditioning—as with other forms of exercises.

Callisthenics is a mix of “beauty with strength”—‘kalos’ in Greek means beauty; ‘sthenos’ in Greek means strength. Off late, callisthenics has been associated with “street workout”, an international sport that is gaining popularity. And what is this “street workout”? Here, athletes have to impress the judges’ panel with their physique strength and control within a given time while competing with each other.

What is Callisthenics Workout?

Callisthenics workout comprise of bodyweight exercises that involve various rhythmical, gross motor movements, without the help of any equipment. Like any other version of exercises, callisthenics are done in reps and sets.

what is callisthenics squat jump

What is Callisthenics: My List of Callisthenics Exercises

As a good gym alternative, more for those men and women who do not want to go to a gym, or do not want to use weights and equipment thinking that they might bulk or become like a man, callisthenics style of bodyweight training has proved beneficial to many

You are going to start with pre workout stretches; this is a must before you start with any physical training.

Given below is my list of callisthenics exercises that many of you are doing, or have done, or have started to do; but before this day, I am sure many of you did not know that the exercises are also called callisthenics exercises!

  • Push Up
  • Free Squat
  • Squat Jump
  • Box Jump
  • Lunge
  • Stride Jump
  • Star Jump
  • Jumping Jack
  • Dip
  • Calf Raise
  • Sit Up
  • Leg Raise
  • Crunches
  • Plank

Videos for all the above gymnastic exercises are available on the Net. If you are a newbie, you better watch each video carefully to learn the correct form, technique and breathing pattern.


I hope that “what is callisthenics”, in brief, have been explained well enough for you to understand what callisthenics is all about. If you want to know more, the Net has many information. By the way, after you finish the exercises, don’t forget to do the post workout stretches. It is also equally important.

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