White Tea Benefits: Most Refreshing!

White tea benefits are many and why not? Out of all the teas available in the market, white tea is the least processed as it is made from buds and select tea leaves. “Silver Needle” is the finest quality of white tea (got its name from silvery white bud hair) made from those buds that are unopened. In earlier days, white tea was considered a great luxury and was, therefore, drunk only by the Chinese emperors. Though this tea is now available worldwide, it is quite highly priced as compared to other teas available.

White tea, like other whole leaf tea variety (Oolong, Black, Green), come from the same plant ‘camellia sinensis’. Undergoing a minimal process of oxidation, it is fast dried (green tea is oven-roasted or pan-roasted) and for this reason, white tea has very high concentration of antioxidants as compared to the other whole leaf tea variety. And again, this is the reason why benefits of white tea are many. Also, this tea has more vegetative qualities as compared to oolong tea.

white tea benefits silver needle white tea

If you can get Silver Needle White Tea (the above image), that would be the BEST though it can fall little heavy on the pocket.

white tea benefits white tea

Even regular white tea (image above) would help. This is also expensive but not like the Silver Needle variety.

NOTE: Buy 100% pure White Tea and not white tea with infusions like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and what not—like the green teas available in the market.

Is White Tea Good for You?

This is a very interesting question, and the obvious answer is “Of course, it is good for you.” Any why should it not be? With such high concentration of antioxidants and very little caffeine content, I would say white tea health benefits cannot be ruled out. The gentle and subtle white tea takes its own time to brew, and once brewed, you cannot miss its distinct taste and aroma. The same amount of tea leaves you will use the 1st time, can be reused 3 to 4 times in a day (over 6 to 7 hours), but every time you reuse it, give 1 to 2 minutes extra for steeping. NEVER mix in milk and/or sugar to white tea.

Health Benefits of White Tea

White tea has numerous health benefits when you drink 3 to 4 cups on a daily basis—without fail. BUT make sure not to drink any other tea. Sticking to one type of tea is better than drinking a variety of teas every day.

  • White Tea Benefits #1: Fat Loss

White tea acts as “fat blocker” and prevents formation of new fat cells (adipogenesis). Therefore, it greatly helps in fat loss.

  • White Tea Benefits #2: Diabetes

White tea helps in relieving diabetic symptoms like excessive thirst, increases the secretion of insulin and diminishes the levels of plasma glucose.

  • White Tea Benefits #3: Cancer

White tea is known to have anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic properties. Not only regular use of white tea protects you against cancer, its extracts induces cellular death (apoptosis) while averting the growth of new cells.

  • White Tea Benefits #4: Immunity

Do you fall sick often with cough and/or cold? Do you think when someone sneezes in front of you, you will catch the germs immediately? Then start white tea. It helps in stimulating our immune system. Keep drinking it daily and you will notice amazing result.

  • White Tea Benefits #5: Ageing

Do you want to age prematurely? Would you like to look aged than your age? Known to have anti-ageing properties, daily consumption of white tea would do wonders.

  • White Tea Benefits #6: Dental

Polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids present in white tea prevent growth of bacteria in your oral cavity (that otherwise leads to formation of plaque). Fluoride present in white tea helps in decreasing cavities and caries.

  • White Tea Benefits #7: Skin

Being a great source of antioxidants, white tea protects the skin from the harmful UV rays, and repairs skin damages. Daily consumption of white tea will lead to a healthy and beautiful skin.

  • White Tea Benefits #8: Heart & Cholesterol

Flavonoids content in white tea help in reducing cardiovascular risks. White tea is very effective in lowering dyslipidemia, prohibiting the oxidation of LDL, reducing high blood pressure, and improving endothelial function.

My STYLE of Preparing White Tea!

You will be using loose tea leaves and not tea bags. For preparing (brewing) white tea (and you cannot go wrong!), do the following:

  • Boil water.
  • Allow the boiled water to cool down to 90-degree C.
  • Add tea leaves in a pot, put a teaspoon of loose leaf and steep for 2 to 3 minutes. If you are using a tea bag, then steep for 30 to 60 seconds.

Pour a cup and enjoy the fine aroma!


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How do I Prepare my White Tea?

First, I follow the above 3 steps. Then what I do is drain out the tea. OMG! Really? Yes, after draining it out, I keep the tea leaves/tea bag and follow the 2nd and 3rd step again. And voila! My cup of white tea is ready.


Have you seriously read the white tea benefits? If you have and if it has induced your interest in this tea, then what are you waiting for! Don’t you want to reap the health benefits of white tea? Get white tea and replace your regular cups of other teas with it.

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