Yoga for Weight Loss: Look Lean, Toned and Sexy

It is said that yoga for weight loss is beneficial not only for losing fat but toning up the whole body. Done by both sexes, yoga helps in calming you mind, soul and body; whereas, gymming or any other cardio exercises gives a shape to your body while building strength and endurance. Yoga, I personally believe, should be done by those who are practising it for quite some time now. If you are new to yoga, you may find some difficulty in performing certain poses.

I feel it would be a great combo if you do yoga exercises for weight loss in the morning and strength training in the evening, or vice versa. This way, you can reap multiple benefits from both—yoga and strength training.

An important point needs its mention here—if you are only practising yoga, you need to consume lesser foods in comparison to those who are into strength training, body-building or high intensity cardio. On the other hand, if you are doing both yoga and strength training, then your daily diet should be a balanced one.


yoga for weight loss

Given below are 5 best yoga for weight loss (out of many other yoga poses for weight loss) that can be done anywhere—gym, home, nearby park. All you need is a mat. Many of you know how these yoga poses are done. So, I will not give the “how to do” of these. The videos are enough for you to learn each pose, and their correct forms and postures.

Yoga for Weight Loss #1: Boat Pose (or) Naukasana

“Nauka” means ‘boat’, and “asana” means ‘pose’. The benefits of naukaasana are several:

  • Removes laziness
  • Helps in losing belly fat
  • Tones abdominal muscles
  • Treats diabetes
  • Good for kidneys
  • Good for hormones
  • Helps strengthening back muscles
  • Improves blood circulation

BUT if you are suffering from diarrhea, insomnia, heart related problems, migraine, pain in hip joint, blood pressure, injury in the neck, hernia, or if you are pregnant, please consult your physician before you start Naukasana.

Yoga for Weight Loss #2: Locust Pose (or) Shalabhasana

“Shalabh” means ‘locust’, and “asana” means ‘pose’. The benefits of Shalabhasana are:

  • Toughens the back muscles
  • Cures sciatica and back ache
  • Cures ailments of spinal cord
  • Cures cervical spondylitis
  • Strengthens lower body and wrists
  • Helps in removing fat from waist, hips, abdomen area and thighs

BUT if you have undergone any type of surgery, please consult your physician before you start with Shalabhasana.

Yoga for Weight Loss #3: Superman Pose (or) Viparita Shalabhasana

“Viparita” means ‘opposite’, and you already know the meaning of shalabhasana. The benefits of Viparita Shalabhasana are:

  • Improves digestion
  • Gives relief from constipation
  • Strengthens chest, shoulders, arms, lower back, abdomen and leg muscles
  • Helps in gaining height
  • Helps in increasing stamina
  • Relieves from pain in the waists and hips
  • Helps in strengthening buttocks
  • Brings and improves body balance
  • Strengthens and stretches hands and legs

BUT if you are pregnant, or have undergone any abdominal surgery, suffer from any illness for which you are under medication, you need to consult your physician before starting with Viparita Salabhasana.

Yoga for Weight Loss #4: Cat Pose (or) Marjariasana

“Marjari” means ‘cat’, and “asana” means ‘pose’. The benefits of Marjariasana are:

  • Helps in spine flexibility
  • Frees from tension and stress from shoulders and neck
  • Extensively work on back muscles
  • Works on abdominal muscles and the digestive tract
  • Improvises blood movement

BUT if you have had any back surgery, or suffer from back injuries, knee problems and pain, then you need to consult your physician before starting with Marjariasana.

Yoga for Weight Loss #5: Corpse Pose (or) Savasana

“Sava” means ‘corpse’, and a “asana” means ‘pose’. The benefits of Savasana are:

  • Reduces muscular and nervous tension
  • Reduces headaches
  • Gives relief from insomnia and fatigue
  • Improves your focus
  • Gives you self-confidence
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves memory
  • Improves concentration power

BUT make sure not to move your body, not to let your mind wander, not to go off to sleep and not wear any tight clothing.


Don’t you think the yoga for weight loss are excellent? If you are already into yoga, I am sure you are doing these. If not, incorporate these as soon as possible for good weight loss results. And as you already know, you should be at peace with yourself while doing yoga. If you are stressed out or tense, calm yourself first and then start yoga.

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