Top 5 Factors To Consider Before You Buy Protein Powder

Everyone wants to buy protein powder; more so because nowadays, more stress is put on consuming protein daily—either in food form or in shake form. Especially in India, where most of the Indian foods are more of carbohydrates and fats, with protein being minimal.

Now, the gymmers, sports persons, bodybuilders want to buy whey protein/casein protein; others look for general protein powders to make up for their daily protein deficiency.

To look for quality protein powder, there are 5 factors that you need to consider:

buy protein powder

This is the most important factor you need to consider. If you think that by simply consuming protein powders (and not eating any protein food) you will get your daily dose of protein, then you are TOTALLY IN THE DARK! Hence, you need to think over two questions—why you need it? Do you really need it?

Consuming protein powder once or twice (max) a day is generally recommended by doctors/physicians for those (1) who are diabetic, (2) who are physically very weak, (3) who seriously need to repair and recover muscles because of the hectic and intense exercises performed daily, (4) who wants to gain muscle mass, or (5) a child for growth.

  • Buy Protein Powder #2: Reputed Brands

To save little money, please don’t make the mistake of buying cheap protein powders. You will then be responsible for putting your own health at risk. Stick to reputed brands if you are really looking for desired results.

  • Buy Protein Powder #3: Ingredients Used

Before you buy any protein powder, make sure you read the label. It is very important—what protein has been used and how much, what ingredients have been used and how much. You need to be careful about the ingredients. Some may suit you, some may not.

If you cannot understand what’s written on the label, take help of someone who has good knowledge about proteins. Even then, if this does not satisfy you, then asking a doctor/physician would be BEST. Please don’t end up buying a protein product only to repent later when your health gets affected.

  • Buy Protein Powder #4: Protein Taste

Taste vary from person to person. I may like chocolate flavor; you may dislike chocolate flavor. While buying your protein powder, make sure you buy the flavor you like. Don’t just end up buying some other flavor (that you dislike) because someone has told you so.

  • Buy Protein Powder #5: Value for Money

Who doesn’t like to get value for money. For this what you should do is compare 3 or 4 reputed brands. Only when you are satisfied that any 1 out of the 4 would be best suited for you and your goals, buy it. This way you get the value for money and good health.

Wrap Up

To buy protein powder of your need and choice, you need to consider the above 5 factors; only then you should invest your money on good health.


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