Facts About Muscles In Human Body: Benefit Us In Many Ways

Facts about muscles in human body are unknown to many. Yes, we have heard of lean muscle mass, building muscles, making muscles more strong; but seriously, do we have any knowledge about muscles and taking care of muscular health, or we are just blindly following what others are saying.

Have you ever wondered why people involved in sports, strength training, bodybuilding, gym trainers always say, “Increase your muscle mass; make your muscles strong,” or “If you want to cut body fat, strengthen your muscles”?

Why is it all about muscles? Why so much importance is given to increasing muscle mass? Why would anyone want to have strong and more muscles?

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The first aesthetic answer given by men, obviously, is, “We look good/our body looks good with strong muscles.”

The first aesthetic answer given by women, obviously, is, “I want a beach body figure; so I want to build/strengthen my muscles.”

TRUE… who wouldn’t want a beautiful, muscled, carved/broad-shoulders-narrow-hips body?

What matters is once you start building good muscles/strengthening weak muscles, some personal qualities—discipline, self-motivation, self-control—get a makeover.

Know that muscles are critical (1) for supporting your overall wellness, health and healthy lifestyle… especially, when you are moving towards old age; and (2) in bodyweight control, strengthening of bones, stress control, maintaining metabolic health, early recovery from diseases.

STRONG MUSCLES BENEFIT ALL—start building healthy strong muscles for your own good.

With this muscles information in mind, know the facts about muscles that benefits us in many ways:

  • Facts About Muscles #1: Obesity

We are all aware that obesity stems from our body’s unnatural storage of fat. Inflammation creeps in and causes muscle breakdown in the body. When this muscle loss happens, the movement slows down and finally, it leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, to stop muscle loss and fight obesity, you need to build strong muscles.

  • Facts About Muscles #2: Promoting Insulin Sensitivity

In metabolic health, one of the vital functions of muscles is to store glucose (carbs) as glycogen. This glycogen is used as fuel every time you move. Hence, muscle mass act as reserve of glycogen. This reserve increases when you eat carbs, and decreases when you exercise. Muscles are critical because it helps you in using calories from carbs for activities and energy, and not for storage as fat.

There are two points that you should take note of.

(1) On one hand, more strong your muscle/muscle mass, more increase in insulin sensitivity and protection against insulin resistance.

(2) On the other hand, inadequate muscle quality or mass (called ‘sacropenia’) associates with diabetes.

For a diabetic person, increasing muscle mass/strengthening muscles is crucial.

  • Facts About Muscles #3: Bone Density

Strong muscle helps in maintaining and preserving bone density; especially for the elderly and women as good bone density prevents osteoporosis. Next time, before you pop in calcium tablets, think whether it is really required… you need to work toward strengthening your muscle mass.

And how would you build strong bones? Move heavy load, or drag, carry, lift heavy loads. In the process, you will build strong muscles also. Strength training/weight lifting is always safe, effective and beneficial in increasing bone density for all, but especially in elderly and women.

  • Facts About Muscles #4: Recovery from Disease

Healthy strong muscles create a safety cover of protein that your body uses at times of emergency need. You should know that muscles play a major role in regulating your body’s protein availability. What do muscles do with the protein they absorb from your diet? They store it, and then they distribute it to liver, heart, and other organs when needed. In the absence of protein, your body will break down the muscles and feed your organs.

Now, what happens is when you are under any disease, illness or injury, your organs then require more protein to fight and recover from the disease, illness or injury. This high protein requirement is then met by your muscles. BUT THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN when your muscles are strong.

Now you know when you suffer from any health problem, why it takes time for your body to recover—you do not have the safety cover of protein; you have weak muscles.

STRONG MUSCLES BENEFIT ALL—start building healthy strong muscles for your own good.

Wrap Up

The facts of muscles are interesting, isn’t it? To wrap up, I would say: if you are serious about your health and would like to age gracefully and without any major health issues, strengthen your muscles.

Now, the take is yours—use muscles or lose muscles. Remember, muscle benefits are awesome!

BUILD STRONG MUSCLES; it is never too late. And to all women out there… building strong muscles will never make you ‘a man‘.

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