Type 2 Diabetes Food List: Eat In Moderation

Type 2 diabetes food list showcases the foods that are good for people who are (1) already suffering from T2D, (2) at risk of T2D due to many health problems including obesity. In both cases, one needs to ‘eat in moderation’ and eat clean.

Now, what is this list of foods to eat with type 2 diabetes? The list being quite a big one, I am highlighting those foods that are quite easily available in your local market.

type 2 diabetes food list

  • Type 2 Diabetes Food List #1: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates that you can eat include vegetables [brinjal (eggplant), okra (lady finger), broccoli, spring onions, cabbage, turnip, pumpkin, tomatoes, onions, beets, capsicum (bell pepper), cauliflower, French beans, sweet potato, bitter gourd (bitter squash), bottle gourd, ginger, garlic, and kohlrabi]; leafy vegetables (spinach, mustard green, turnip green, chicory, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, fennel green, watercress and bok choy); fresh herbs (thyme, basil, oregano, coriander, mint, parsley, and bay leaves); dried herbs would be fresh herbs in dry form; spices [coriander (seed and powder), cumin (seed and powder), turmeric (fresh, dry and powder), fenugreek (seed), black cumin/nigella (seed), cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, and saffron]; whole grains (quinoa, brown rice).

  • Type 2 Diabetes Food List #2: Proteins

Proteins that you can eat include lean meat (lamb, extra lean mince, lean beef); poultry (chicken, duck, quail, goose, turkey); fish (mackerel, herring, tilapia, butterfish, mullet fish, catfish, salmon, anchovies, white fish, and sardine); seafood (shrimp, crab, oysters, clams); eggs (duck, chicken); dairy [plain hung yogurt, cottage cheese (homemade would be much better)]; legumes (lentils, beans, peas—white chickpea, split Bengal gram, red kidney beans, split red lentil, black-eyed beans, split green gram).

Legumes also contain carbohydrates. Hence, not more than ½ cup in a meal.

Know more about proteins… in general.

  • Type 2 Diabetes Food List #3: Fats (monounsaturated)

Fats (as cooking medium) that you can eat include olive oil and sesame oil. Best oil would be Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Type 2 Diabetes Food List #4: Fruits and Nuts

Fruits that you can eat include 1 small apple, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, raspberries, and ripe papaya. Nuts include almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. 

For snacking purpose, the list of foods to eat with diabetes type 2 would be sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, plain hung yogurt, boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, avocado, and blueberries.

Wrap Up

Now that you have the type 2 diabetes food list (that has been narrowed down to easy availability), choosing what food to eat and what to avoid/not eat would be easy for you. At the same time, it does not mean you are going to stuff yourself with these foods. Strictly stick to this list and work out your own recipes—there is nothing like it!

REMEMBER: You can be type 2 diabetic, overweight/obese, have any other disease or you are healthy & fit—ALWAYS EAT in MODERATION.

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